"Your Excellency, could you please tell us what you think your responsibilities as representatives of our country are here in Manila? What do you think are the reasons for having a Nigerian embassy in the Philippines? Three of our people have been murdered in cold blood in less than six months with the embassy doing absolutely nothing! How many more Nigerians must be killed before you sit up and ask questions?"
John Igbokwe
Friday, November 16, 1995
To Charge d' Affaires a. i. Mr. Samuel Ajewole
during a meeting on the murder of Nigerian citizens;
inside the Chancery of the Embassy of Nigeria, Manila, Philippines

Book Release

REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA. December 12, 2011 - Author John M. O. Igbokwe is proud to announce the release of his new book, A Broken Mission (published by AuthorHouse). Motivated by his passion for justice and clean government, Mr. Igbokwe, in this book tells the story of what he described as Nigeria's failed diplomacy in the Philippines based on the activities of key officials of the Embassy of Nigeria in Manila, Philippines in the 1980s and 1990s. In seventeen well-laid chapters, A Broken Mission details the story of the campaign to reform what Igbokwe calls "a corrupt and pathetic Mission". The central theme of this book is that diplomatic envoys have a fundamental duty to defend their country's interests wherever they are posted to serve overseas. The author alleges in the book that Nigeria lost its diplomatic purpose in the Philippines to officers who superimposed their venal orgies upon the national interest rendering the latter an inconsequential, secondary object.

The book charges that the Embassy of Nigeria lost the focus of its mission under a succession of corrupt, insensitive, lazy and mean-spirited Ambassadors, Charge D'Affaires and Heads of Chancery, who abused their offices and trifled with their nation's interests while their citizens were being assassinated on an almost monthly basis across the country. In 1986, some 400 Nigerian students in the Philippines seized their embassy for close to one week accusing their ambassador at the time, a Dr. Beita Yusuf of corruption in misappropriating relief funds the Federal Government of Nigeria had released for suffering students, and of abusing his office by subjecting financially distressed female Nigerian students to sex inside his office at the embassy. This serious charge was never probed by a Federal Government Panel sent to Manila to investigate.

Igbokwe has documented in this book how a progression of senior Nigerian diplomats systematically set up an infrastructure of persecution of their citizens while they pursued shady and parochial debaucheries that included death threats against justice-seeking compatriots, stealing government property, sabotaging the economic interests of their country, and indulging in illicit sex, all the while turning a blind eye to the slaying of their citizens, even in the face of evidence at their disposal to pursue justice for the victims.

The author singled out a Mr. Femi Akenson Rotimi, who was Head of Chancery of the Embassy from 1993 to 1998. Describing Mr. Rotimi as an "evil, Machiavellian skirt-chaser", the book details how the Head of Chancery usurped the role of Head of Mission from the weak Charge D'Affaires a. i., Mr. Samuel I. Ajewole, a Deeper Life Fundamentalist, who the author, quoting another Nigerian envoy, describes as a "Monarch who reigned but did not rule". Mr. Rotimi ran the embassy like a private fiefdom, in which abuse and sexual harassment of subordinate staff went on unchecked, stealing of embassy property by Rotimi himself was not punished and justice in the murders of Nigerian citizens in the country was never pursued. The book contains evidence that instead of leading the charge for justice for slain Nigerian citizens, the very married Mr. Rotimi did not only blame the largely innocent victims for their fate, but kept busy abusing his office with savage abandon, fathering and abandoning many illegitimate children across the Philippines with assorted women that included a trusting, poor orphan.

A Broken Mission is a gutsy, historically courageous and explosive book that also shows how the two top officers of the Embassy of Nigeria in Manila deceived their Philippine host government by concealing the fact Mr. Rotimi had accredited himself with the host-government with falsified and fake papers that showed him with a rank that had been forged. Mr. Igbokwe declares in the book that Mr. Rotimi orchestrated a 1996 bomb threat against his embassy in a cruel diversion of focus on the unwillingness of the Mission to lead the vanguard of the community's clamor for justice for slain Nigerian citizens.

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A Broken Mission
By John M. O. Igbokwe, MSC
Total book pages - 296
ISBN: 978-1-4670-7026-3 (sc); 978-1-4670-7025-6 (hc)
Retail price: $19.95; £12.95 (sc) $28.99; £20.99 (hc)

" To the touch, it felt rough like tiny wiring ran through it. In the contentious atmosphere with death threats still zipping through my phone line... I suspected a letter bomb. Without time to waste, I set up and out for the nearby police station...with the suspect in the trunk of my car. I held my breath and prayed the device wouldn't go off during the five-kilometer drive to the station".

About the Author:
Born in Nigeria and educated in the Philippines and Canada, John Igbokwe is a Thomasian and alumnus of the great University of Santo Tomas in Manila Philippines. Igbokwe lived in the Philippines for seventeen long years (1983 - 2000) and understands both Philippine culture and language. He holds two business degrees - a Bachelor of Business Administration, major in Accounting and a Master of Science in Commerce, major in Finance. John has worked for more than 11 years for reputable Canadian companies and governments. He is the current Director of Finance, Adult Corrections at the Ministry of Corrections, Public Safety and Policing of the Provincial Government of Saskatchewan, Canada. He resides in the City of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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