"Your Excellency, could you please tell us what you think your responsibilities as representatives of our country are here in Manila? What do you think are the reasons for having a Nigerian embassy in the Philippines? Three of our people have been murdered in cold blood in less than six months with the embassy doing absolutely nothing! How many more Nigerians must be killed before you sit up and ask questions?"
John Igbokwe
Friday, November 16, 1995
To Charge d' Affaires a. i. Mr. Samuel Ajewole
during a meeting on the murder of Nigerian citizens;
inside the Chancery of the Embassy of Nigeria, Manila, Philippines

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting our customers' privacy. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform our customers of our practices relating to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information that we may receive in association with our customers' access to or use of our website, or other interactions our customers may have with us.

Meaning of "Customer" and "Personal Information"

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy,

 "customer" refers to anyone who uses our products and services, whether as the buyer, distributor or otherwise, and anyone who uses A Broken Mission's websites, and

"personal information" means information about an identifiable individual, but does not include the name, title or business address or telephone number of an employee of an organization.

What Personal Information We Collect and How We Use It?
We collect personal information about every purchase tendered to The Author so that we can provide our customers with the transportation and information services necessary to make shipping convenient, and bill our customers accurately for the products and services we provide to them. 

Examples of the personal information we collect in relation to shipments include:

  1. contact information (such as name, address, e-mail address and personal telephone number);
  2. proof of identity (such as signature and government-issued photo identification); and
  3. financial and billing information (such as credit card details and credit history).

We use the personal information we collect in relation to shipments so that we can:

  1. provide our customers with timely and reliable products and services, including the delivery of shipments, the performance of logistics services, and communication with our customers about the status of their shipments (including by telephone or by e-mail);
  2. bill our customers for the products and services we provide them, including the verification of their credit, the authentication of their identities, and the production of detailed invoices that help them verify the charges billed to them;
  3. establish, maintain and develop relationships with our customers, including the management of their accounts with the Author;
  4. develop, promote and manage our products and services, including the completion of market studies and the communication of new products and services to our customers; and
  5. assist law enforcement agencies, collect debts owed to the Author, protect the Author's business interests (including enforcing the Author's Terms and Conditions of Service), and generally meet requirements imposed by law. 

When We Disclose Personal Information:
We may transfer personal information to third parties engaged to assist us in providing products and services to our customers or to otherwise carry out one or more of the purposes described above.  Such third parties may include, among others, other transportation companies or local pick-up and delivery agents involved in the pick-up, transportation and delivery of shipments, customs brokers and information services/technology service providers.  When transferring personal information to third parties, we use contractual or other means to provide a level of protection comparable to our own level of protection while the personal information is in the third party's custody.  In addition, we may share personal information with the Author's affiliates for the purpose of facilitating one or more of the purposes described above.  Due to the location of some of these third parties and affiliates or the location of their computer servers, personal information is sometimes transferred and held outside of Canada. 

The Author reserves the right to co-operate fully with local, provincial, state and federal officials in any investigation relating to any personal information (including private electronic communications transmitted on this website) or any purported unlawful activities.

Except as stated above, we will not, without our customers' consent, sell, share, transfer, license, trade or rent personal information received from them to others.

How We Obtain Consent:
The form of consent we obtain from an individual, including whether it is express or implied, will largely depend on the sensitivity of the personal information and the reasonable expectations of the individual in the circumstances.  We will not, as a condition of the supply of our products and services, require any individual to consent to the collection, use or disclosure of his or her personal information beyond that required to fulfill the purposes described above or otherwise described at the time consent is sought.

When a customer provides us with personal information relating to an individual other than themselves (such as the intended recipient of the shipment), we rely on the customer who is providing us with the personal information to obtain that individual's consent to our collection, use and disclosure of their personal information in the circumstances described above.

A cookie is a small file containing information that a website creates when you visit it. A cookie can track how and when someone uses a website and/or other websites which they visited and can store that information. There are two common types of cookies: "session cookies" and "persistent cookies". Session cookies store information only for the length of time that someone is connected to a website - they are not written onto the person's hard drive. Once the person leaves the website, the originator of the cookie no longer has the information that was contained on it. We use session cookies as an additional security feature.

When our customers log on to this website and are authenticated through their User ID and password, a cookie will store the identification number of their browser. Throughout their session, the session cookie acts as a type of digital signature to identify our customer's current session to the web server. The web server will monitor our customer's browser number to ensure that, at all times during the session, we are dealing with our customer.

We also use session cookies to track our customers' visits to our website.  We use that information to determine the type of information that our customers are looking for on our website and to improve our website. We use information about the site our customers visited immediately prior to our site to assess the viability of links to our site that we have created on third party sites.  The information stored in "persistent cookies" is written onto our customer's hard drive and remains there until the expiry date of the cookie.  From time to time, we use persistent cookies to store non-sensitive personal information. Currently, most browsers do not distinguish between session cookies and persistent cookies. For our website to operate, our customer's browser must be set to accept cookies. If a customer is concerned about having his or her browser enabled to accept cookies while he or she is surfing other websites, we recommend that his or her browser be set to notify him or her when it is receiving a cookie. This gives the customer the ability to accept or reject cookies presented by the web server he or she is visiting. We suggest contacting the browser's programmer on how to do this.

How We Protect Personal Information:
We make all commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that personal information collected is protected against loss and unauthorized access.  Access to our customers' personal information is restricted to selected author's affiliates and contractors. In addition, we employ generally accepted information security techniques, such as firewalls, access control procedures and cryptography, to protect personal information against loss and unauthorized access.  While we use commercially reasonable efforts to limit access to our vehicles and premises to authorized personnel, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of information that is displayed on any shipment package or shipment label.

Retention of Personal Information:
We retain our customers' personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected and to comply with applicable laws.

Links to Third Party Sites:
This website may offer links to other websites. Customers should be aware that operators of linked websites may also collect our customers' personal information (including information generated through the use of cookies) when they link to those websites. We are not responsible for how such third parties collect, use or disclose our customers' personal information, so it is important for our customers to familiarize themselves with the privacy policies of such third parties before providing them with personal information.

Changes to this Privacy Policy:
We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at anytime without notice. The Privacy Policy posted at any time or from time to time via this website shall be deemed to be the Privacy Policy then in effect.

Anyone may contact us at abrokenmission@hotmail.com. to request access to or the correction or update of their personal information.

Contacting Us:
Any questions about this Privacy Policy or concerns about our compliance with this Privacy Policy should be directed as follows:

John M. O. Igbokwe
A Broken Mission
E-mail: abrokenmission@hotmail.com or through the "Contact the Author" section of the website.

Please note that any comments, suggestions or materials provided to us shall be deemed to be of a non-confidential and non-proprietary nature (becoming the property of the Author upon our receipt of same) and we shall be entitled to use and distribute such comments, suggestions or materials to any other parties and for any other purposes, including, but not limited to, developing and marketing products and/or services incorporating or based on any such comments, suggestions or materials.