"Your Excellency, could you please tell us what you think your responsibilities as representatives of our country are here in Manila? What do you think are the reasons for having a Nigerian embassy in the Philippines? Three of our people have been murdered in cold blood in less than six months with the embassy doing absolutely nothing! How many more Nigerians must be killed before you sit up and ask questions?"
John Igbokwe
Friday, November 16, 1995
To Charge d' Affaires a. i. Mr. Samuel Ajewole
during a meeting on the murder of Nigerian citizens;
inside the Chancery of the Embassy of Nigeria, Manila, Philippines

Book Reviews

"...I read with interest, a copy of A BROKEN MISSION, John Igbokwe's fascinating book of ground-breaking fight against corruption and neglect. To get our voices and experiences heard and shared in the business..of  transforming Nigeria for the better, A BROKEN MISSION is a loaded and exploded(sic) foreign mission case study book to be read for courage, insight and inspiration... This book will be relevant for many years to come..because a fight for justice and embassy reform is a fight for transforming Nigeria with a purpose. I will not hesitate recommending this unique literature as a straight piece of ethnography for potential reforms...".
 Patrick Iroegbu, Ph. D (Anthropologist and Lecturer at Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
                    Author of Healing Insanity: A Study of  Igbo Medicine in Contemporary Nigeria (2010)    ** FULL BOOK REVIEW on ChatAfrik

"... This is an excellent book! The stories in the book send chills down my spine when I think of  the atrocities committed by these diplomats to their fellow countrymen...This book should be made mandatory (reading for) all the Nigerian Foreign Affairs officials and even the members of the Legislative Assembly and the Senators...What a great book by Johnny!". 
                       Mr. Jevan Ebele Anawanam, CGA (Director of Finance at Primal Tribe New Media Inc., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

"...Igbokwe...weaves a riveting narrative, albeit a depressing one, of what he saw within the diplomatic circles of the Nigerian embassy in the Philippines. (This book) chronicles the author's personal crusade for embassy reform, sometimes using unconventional and unorthodox means of obtaining information and evidence...Much has been said and written about the aloofness, and sometimes arrogance, of Nigerians in foreign missions towards the Nigerian community they are supposed to represent. But rarely has any writer probed so deeply into this pervasive malaise with examples and eye witness accounts. This book is a must read especially for old and new appointees to foreign missions from Nigeria. It will ground the diplomats on the dos and don'ts in foreign missions".
 Engr. Alfred Obiora Uzokwe (Commentator on Nigeriaworld.Com, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA)
                    Author of Surviving in Biafra        ** FULL BOOK REVIEW on Nigeriaworld

" A BROKEN MISSION reminds me of Mohammed Ali's "It's gonna be a thrilla, and a chilla and a killa when I get the Gorilla in Manila". Yes, John wrote a real Thriller in Manila! Almost like Hardley Chase but real life. A BROKEN MISSION did not disappoint at all! . You must read this book!". 
                       Barrister Emeka Maduewesi, Esq. (Contract Attorney at Google, San Francisco, USA and Founder - Igboville Social Group on FaceBook)

"... long voyage toward justice...fine piece of investigative journalism". 
                       Mr. Doug Mountain (Ministry of Corrections, Public Safety & Policing, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)

"... I appreciate your effort to expose the rot that has become our fate even in far-away Philippines. God will strengthen you in this task of liberating Nigeria from wickedness through your expose (in) A Broken Mission". 
                       Mr. Obinna Akukwe (Financial/IT Consultant, Abuja, Nigeria)

"...Thank you immensely for writing this book on Nigeria's diplomacy in the Philippines. Even though it was centered mostly on Nigeria's failed diplomacy in the Philippines, the situation is the same in all the countries where Nigeria has an embassy or diplomatic mission. I worked for the Embassy of Nigeria, Rome, Italy from 1989-1993, before leaving for the United States for my graduate program. I witnessed with disbelief monumental corruption, abuse of funds, wild parties with Italian girls and with Nigerian prostitutes, favors for sex, and tribalism in handling Nigerian students' cases in Italy...  The(ir) work ethic is sometimes worse than those in Nigeria.  Bribery, corruption and favors for sex are often the order of business... Nigerian embassies are just microcosm of the Nigerian society. It's pitiful. Thank you and keep up the good work".  
                       Rev. C. Kingston Ekeke, Ph.D (Former Accountant, Embassy of Nigeria, Italy and President-Leadership Wisdom Institute, Inc. USA) 
                        Author of Leadership Wisdom and Leadership Liability

"This is a great piece!"
                     Mr. Emmanuel Nweke Okafor (Ph. D. Candidate, Bangkok, Thailand)

"The book is a MUST READ!.. It will educate, build, inform and equip every Nigerian, on what goes on with our embassies globally. This book, will serve as an eye opener for all Nigerians, both at home and in (the) Diaspora!"
                    Mr. Michael Nnaemeka Aniedobe  (Colorado - Springs, USA)

"A powerful book that will add to the glory of... Nigeria"
                    Engr. Joe Igbokwe (Writer and Publicity Secretary of Action Congress Party, Lagos State, Nigeria )
                    Author of Heroes of Democracy and Igbos: 25 Years After Biafra

"This book appears both explosive and "dangerous". Dangerous to the criminals whose names are in the book. Honestly speaking, we in the United States had no idea that such atrocities were going on in the Philippines in those days. It is so sad that such folks were allowed to man Nigeria's consulate at a time when students needed them. I wish they are fully punished for their crimes".
                    Engr. Samuel C. Obi, Ph. D. (Author and Professor at San Jose State University, California, USA)
                    Author of Readings for Amerigerian Igbo