"Your Excellency, could you please tell us what you think your responsibilities as representatives of our country are here in Manila? What do you think are the reasons for having a Nigerian embassy in the Philippines? Three of our people have been murdered in cold blood in less than six months with the embassy doing absolutely nothing! How many more Nigerians must be killed before you sit up and ask questions?"
John Igbokwe
Friday, November 16, 1995
To Charge d' Affaires a. i. Mr. Samuel Ajewole
during a meeting on the murder of Nigerian citizens;
inside the Chancery of the Embassy of Nigeria, Manila, Philippines

Recent Developments

Mr. Femi Akenson Rotimi, now the ambassador of Nigeria to Colombo, Sri Lanka for over a year, has been in the news again. A local lady who worked as his secretary has accused him of sexual abuse and harassment. Read the full story at the following links:

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Please, check back at this website for further updates on this developing story.